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Every guest is a story and we love to collect and read them. Below you can find a selection of stories in the format of reviews. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do.


It is said that when you take a quiet walk with Mother Nature it nurtures your mind, body and soul, and that is exactly what happens when you walk into Kiota Nest. Kiota has a grounding energy, beautiful forests and magnificent people that will show you the flora and fauna around, cook the most delicious food and have the most delightful conversations by the fire. To me, Kiota is a destination itself.

- Iris Villalonga

 A large fire was lit each evening in the lovely fireplace, offering a cozy ending to each day. We were fortunate to be here to celebrate New Years Eve. The warm welcome, gracious hostess, airy, spacious rooms with comfortable chairs, and especially the outstanding fresh food, right from the garden/neighborhood all make this a marvelous place to stay for a few days of rest.

- J.Patters

This stunning house is so much more than an overnight between adventures. It's a destination on it's own, complete with evening visits from Bush Babies and a resident Jennet! After only 2 nights we wanted to move in and call this stunning country house our home. So beautiful. And it just gets more magical when you explore the forested property with it's hidden gardens and pond.

- Rita & Jeff

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