Activities and Projects in Tanzania

To Explore & Learn

Here is a set of recommended activities you can do while staying at Kiota and a selection of worthwhile mentioning conservation projects that are happening here in Tanzania. Get in touch with us for more information.

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About Coffee

Immerse yourself on the world of the coffe growth.

About Cooking

We organise cooking classes with our chef Flora. 

About Safaris

Venture into Arusha National Park just 10 min away.

About Volcanoes

Climb Mount Meru, a sleeping volcanoe and third highest mountain in Africa.

About Kilimanjaro

Summit Mount Kilimanjaro with its unique ecosystems and geology.

About Communities

Olanakwe supports community-based educational programs and economic development projects that benefit the Hadza tribe.

About Coexistence

PAMS Foundation secures wildlife and wild places and ensures that human-wildlife coexistence is possible.

About Elephants

Tanzanian Elephant Foundation is dedicated to scientific research, community empowerment, public awareness and coexistence.