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Mirroring a Diversity of Cultures

The Cuisine

It is not the “haute cuisine” nor the “nouvelle cuisine” you will experience at Kiota, but rather the tastes of indigenous foods and those tastes which were created by the peoples and travellers coming from the East and the West over time. The food we prepare intends to mirror the diversity of cultures, with emphasis on locally produced products.

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The Tastes

Meals Provided

We offer continental breakfasts with a variety of local ingredients, such as cereals, seasonal fruits and home-grown eggs. We are also catering for special dietary requirements of all kinds. Upon request, we are happy to prepare lunch and dinner for you.


Food for Thought

The Story Behind

Our meals are composed of local and seasonal ingredients. Picked at our garden and/or purchased by carefully selected suppliers. The stories and tales connected to these foods will be “served” to those interested in learning about the linkages between the livelihoods of local people and their environmental challenges.

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